Schemaposse (stylized as SCHEMAPOSSE) was an American hip-hop collective formed by former RVIDXR KLVN member and Producer JGRXXN the most notable members of the group were GHOSTEMANE and Lil Peep, who both joined the group in 2015. While this trio represented the group in public, the full group consisted of around 40 artists. Its still a thing but the group consists of some new members

History[edit | edit source]

Schemaposse was founded in 2015 by JGRXXN in order to unify various underground hip-hop artists and producers that were sprinkled around the country. One of the first artists to join was Eric Whitney, better known as GHOSTEMANE, a rap artist from Lake Worth, Florida. Later in 2015, Lil Peep joined the group.

In April 2016, JGRXXN, GHOSTEMANE, and Lil Peep gave an interview on the No Jumper Podcast. On April 15th, a few days before the podcast was released, GHOSTEMANE announced that he had left Schemaposse for undisclosed reasons via Twitter. Lil Peep followed up with a similar announcement not too long after.

Schemaposse continued to release music produced by their other artists until January 11. 2017, when JGRXXN officially disbanded the group, stating that "It was a good run [and] it made people's dreams come true just like I said it would, but now it's on to other things."

Lil Peep eventually went on to sign with First Access Entertainment, a privately-held entertainment company. that provided funding for Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 1 and the subsequent tour. After his death, the distribution rights to his music were transferred to Columbia Records.

GHOSTEMANE has remained independent throughout his career thus far, opting to finance his tours and releases through Blackmage Records, an independent label fully owned by GHOSTEMANE and the members of Blackmage.

JGRXXN has also chosen to remain an independent artist, self-releasing his music under the name SCHEMA Records.

Disco[edit | edit source]

Length Release Type
SCHEMABOYSS: Vol. 1 March 16, 2015 Album
The Schema Coalition April 8, 2015 Album
SCHEMABOYSS: The Prequel April 8, 2015 Album
THE POSSE TAPE 2015 Mixtape
6 In The Mornin' April 19, 2015 Mixtape
Chapter 1 July 17, 2015 Album
Chapter 2: The Analog Theory August 10, 2015 Album
ItFeelGoodtobeaSchema October 30, 2015 Mixtape
Get to Know Us January 11, 2016 Mixtape
Chapter 3: Still Schemin' January 17, 2016 Album
Chapter 1: The 4 Corners May 6, 2016 Album
The Gold EP October 29, 2018 EP
THE NEW AGE September 18, 2020 ALBUM
HALLOWS EVE October 30, 2020 EP
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